Gone might be the days…

Not always, but not none…

It’s a sight that gives comfort. When it passes by and when I pass by it. The breeze seems to be fresher around it. The sky appears to be of many colours above it.

It’s that voice that gives security. When the sound of worry and happy interconnecting. The mellow and the harmony that take seatings behind the ears. The tragic and the dramatic are dancing in fierce.

It’s the look of exchange meanings. When there is one and when there is none. The current that travels through the invisible cable. The message that is delivered through a certain fable.

It’s the wall that has become thinner. When the concrete turns into a thin glass. The coloured tint that has become clearer. The separating barrier that is about to disappear.


It’s the chapter that is approaching the epilogue. When the stage is about to draw its curtain. The story is about to end when it has just began. The friendship that might become distance once… again.


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