When we are lucky… in a normal jolly day

One fine day be like

It was raining lightly in the morning. Even so, the washing machine was running. She started her day by doing some light chores and light tasks.

In all those businesses, she had forgotten to take her breakfast. When she realised it, it was already late morning. She quickly grabbed a plate and devour a less than medium amount of what had been prepared for her.

When the time arrived, she is ready to go out. It is that jolly day where she will meet lovely faces that will make her forget about her responsibilities and just live in the moment. She’s all dressed up and the hanged the laundry before she leaves. The sun was already up. It was her favourite weather – the after rain.

She drove to the promised place and took a while to find a proper parking. As she entered the restaurant, three of them were waiting. She smiles behind her face mask, but her tone was clear that she was pleased.

She sat beside Red. Curl and K were opposite them. It has been awhile since she saw K. Red was relatively new to the group, but he is someone she and Pei absolutely adores – one of the reasons why this meeting was happening.

Pei came afterwards and Jay arrived a few minutes later. Pei and her talked about Red a lot. There are so many reasons to adore Red. He is just a person too wonderful to be lonely. A beautiful and dedicated soul they’d like to keep around. They love people with beautiful soul and it is the first time they meet a soul as beautiful as Red.

They spent their time talking over lunch. Mostly were about the past which Red may have a hard time to relate to. But she and Pei noticed this. In fact, most of them do. But they try to include him as much as they can.

On the way to another location, she asked Red if it is awkward. Red said it is fine and he is enjoying it. Though she was not convinced given that Red was quite most of the time, she tried to believe him. Red has always been quite before this too unless if it is work related matter or a conversation between two people. Red was not quite when it was just the two of them.

While walking together, Red and her talked more, learning about each other. Their conversation flows like running water. They asked about each other, they learn more about each other. She really does like this kind of conversation with him, or with anyone in fact. She can tell that Red prefers it too. In any ways, she was glad he even asked those questions to her.

In their next location, they played and fooled around. It was so much fun that they even forget the time. But it was all worth it. They laughed, they screamed, they even fought over some weird item on the table.

Pei did remember to take a picture to commemorate the day. Thank goodness.

On the way back to their cars, Pei left first. K and Jay left together. Curl, Red and her walked to their cars as they discuss a little bit of work related matter. Curl reached his car first leaving Red and her walking the rest of the way together. During this short moment, they learn about each other just a little bit more before separating.

As they bit good bye, she walked to her car, smiling happily. She indeed cannot lie that she really adores Red just a little bit more than what she let out.

But that is as far as she can get. She knows she should not proceed further.


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