Life is no longer a lie


Lately, I have found goodness in people. I can see now that life can be beautiful too. But our hearts need to be as beautiful. That way, we can look at life in a different light. We can look at life in a way that there is always beauty in everything.

We are human. We say things we don’t mean all the time. We do hide our real feelings unless we are sure that it is okay to let out. But, dear mankind, the more sincere you are, the more beautiful you will bloom.

I cannot believe how beautiful a person’s soul can be until I meet these souls around me. They are beautiful, they are blooming in their prime. I don’t think they will ever fade.

Therefore, I’d like to keep them around.

Before this, I thought beauty was just in the surface, that if we peel every layer we can see all kinds of rottenness that people didn’t realise even existed.

But not with these souls I’m with. Their surface are one like the onions. The more we peel, the shinier the surface, the more beautiful it is inside, the cleaner it feels.

I am smiling, treasuring every moment with them. Smiling, looking at them.

My heart feels the urge to protect them from harm and sadness. I wish them happiness and good return. I know for sure, they are not a lie.

I love them… with all my heart.


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