Deciphering: Gone might be the days…

Day, but the shadow… Present, but the past.

Okay, let’s admit it. This means so much… a lot that I keep thinking about it and it’s not enough to say it just in metaphors. But in a more matured feeling, I don’t expect anything in return.

‘Gone might be the days…’ is purely about our friendship that was developing over time. In the past, this may be very unlikely. But birds of feathers, flock together. We happen to cross path and we happen to become friends.

It’s a sight that gives comfort. When it passes by and when I pass by it. The breeze seems to be fresher around it. The sky appears to be of many colours above it.

– Gone might be the days… (first paragraph) –

The first paragraph is about how seeing this friend around is very comforting. It is that feeling when you are surrounded with people who are strangers to you and you see a familiar face among them. The sight of this person is making you feel warm and secured as if you are not alone among the flood of unfamiliar people, people who meant nothing to you or people you are not close with. The world seems to be a better place when you see this person and you feel happier for some unknown reasons.

It’s that voice that gives security. When the sound of worry and happy interconnecting. The mellow and the harmony that take seatings behind the ears. The tragic and the dramatic are dancing in fierce.

– Gone might be the days… (second paragraph) –

This paragraph is about our conversations about anything. When you go to a friend to talk about problems and when that friend could say things you definitely need to hear and assured you that you are not alone, it is that voice that made you feel safe. You know when you hear this voice, you need not to worry. It makes even hearing this person’s voice from afar makes you feel good. It is a voice you hear when you have something happy to share or hear about, the same voice you hear in unhappy and challenging moments. A conversation you could both relate to and verbal proof of things you go through together. ‘Tragic and dramatic dancing in fierce’ is referring to the emotional challenges you bravely went through together.

It’s the look of exchange meanings. When there is one and when there is none. The current that travels through the invisible cable. The message that is delivered through a certain fable.

– Gone might be the days… (third paragraph) –

Every time we happen to be in the same space, we see each other first, even from afar. And even from afar, we acknowledge the sight of each other, but friendlier from closer distance. We look at each other in the eyes. Sometimes with hidden meanings that only we know, sometimes with illiterate meanings that cannot be translated into languages, and sometimes without any meaning at all.

It’s the wall that has become thinner. When the concrete turns into a thin glass. The coloured tint that has become clearer. The separating barrier that is about to disappear.

– Gone might be the days… (fourth paragraph) –

‘The wall that has become thinner’, refers to our friendship that has drawn closer. The ‘concrete’ refers to the unlikeliness of us becoming friends in the past and ‘thin glass’ refers to the remaining barrier between us that allows us to show our real self to one another. Not yet to the point that we let ourselves to enter each other’s world, though. But we are getting closer every time.


– Gone might be the days… (the bridge) –

Is a turning point that may change everything in whatever happened in the previous paragraphs.

It’s the chapter that is approaching the epilogue. When the stage is about to draw its curtain. The story is about to end when it has just began. The friendship that might become distance once… again.

– Gone might be the days… (last paragraph) –

When the friendship had just really started, it is about to come to an end. Our friendship might stop here and we may become strangers again. This friend is thinking of leaving and the probability of him leaving is very high. Once he does, we may have nothing more in common and we may not see each other again. We might be mere acquaintances.

I will miss this friend. This is a dear friend. He may not feel the same way I feel but it’s okay. All I wish is for him to live a good life, the kind that he wanted so much.

A pat on his back is what I would give him if I could.


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