With Gratitude

Fungus and the living

It is a year full of colours. Dark, bright and plain all painted on the same canvas. There has been as much joy as sorrows and emptiness. We all have our purpose that we race for and purpose that we did not ask for.

As of late, a series that had inspired me hanging around my mind. Dreams; the very thing that gives us hope and the very same thing that put our hope out. It is either we are fired up to chase it or we could stare at it as if it is an empty shell. Inspired enough to chase the impossible or shifting to what is most probably closer to reality. Either way, no one should be judged for it as long as we live earnestly like a person should be.

I, too, had given up on some dreams and made myself new dreams. I realised whether or not the dreams are grand or it could be as simple as being healthy, it is what I make of it that matters most. I have learned to be grateful and my heart is appreciating so many things around me. These are the things that had keep me going, instead of chasing dreams that has yet shown its true identity to me.

In the series that I watched, even the King of Dreams learned new things. Given that he lived for thousands of years, we will think that one could be so wise that there’s nothing more to learn. However, life in itself is an endless school. The amount of things we could learn proved to be infinity. There is no limit to learning and maturity. The universe as how it was created by the one and only mighty God is full of abundance that even if we live hundreds and thousands of years, there will always be things we have yet to discover.

For giving me the consciousness, I thank God for He who had opened my eyes so big given how sinful I have been. I acknowledge His mightiness yet I still perform forbidden acts. I wish to be a better person day by day until one day, I qualify to face Him in the afterlife.


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