The Man Who Died and the Girl Who Lived

“I don’t wanna leave here without you,” she once said that to him. That was a long time ago. There was even a moment when she had forgotten that she ever said that. In fact, she had even forgotten him… and many other things.

But the person standing in front of her is not the same person that she had known before this. A very different one at that. He is one that betrays with a smile decorated on his face without a single sense of guilt. She could barely recognise him as the person she once cared so dearly.

He pointed the gun to her face. She is still searching for a glimpse of the person she has been longing for in his eyes. He smiles ever so cynically. He knows just what she is looking for. She will never find it. He seems so sure about doing this to her.

“Take her!” he shouted at the men while maintaining his cynical smile.

The men take her arms and force her to move. They were quite injured themselves as they received quite a good blow from her earlier. The only reason they are still on their feet right now is because he showed up. Sebastian… His presence alone is enough to put a stop to the ruckus.

Seeing that familiar face, he caught her off guard. It is the face that she thought she would never see again. He was suppose to be dead… dead… dead. And yet, here he is, standing in front of her. She had gone crazy when she thought he had died. And yet, here he is… pointing a gun straight in between her two eyes. Her consciousness is troubleshooting again, trying to process the situation.

Looking at him in disbelief, she is demanding an answer. Understanding her glare, Sebastian closes the gap between them. He puts his gun down as he draws his body closer to her. His face is so close as if he could kiss her. Enjoying himself in teasing her, he widens his smile as if he is having fun.

“Did you miss me?” he said as he stare straight to her eyes.

It takes a few seconds until she finally said, “So much that I died.”

Sebastian’s smile instantly disappeared for a moment… only for a moment. He takes a few steps back before he laughs almost hysterically. While his laughter cools off, he wipes the tears that came along with it and regain his composure. “You never fail to surprise me,” he said as he dries down the tears.

“I’m sorry you have to face this,” he sounds and looks rather cynical than apologetic.

“I know,” Laila, maintaining her straight face stares deep into his eyes, never once look away since he first showed himself. She could not quite make up a reaction nor could she figure out the waves of emotions and questions running all over her train of thought. So, she chose not to rush her response towards the situation.

Sebastian, rests his hands on his waist, takes his breath as he asks the men to take her away. Laila does not fight. Even as the men pull her away from the room, she could not keep her eyes away from Sebastian until he is hidden from view.


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